Jewish Private School Drops Recognition, Enrages Big Labor

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A private school near Philadelphia caused a firestorm among AFT union bosses when the board of directors decided to no longer negotiate a union contract after the current one expires in August.  Steve Gunn has the story on Education Action Group.  Labor leaders are reportedly enraged that the board of directors at the Perelman Jewish […]

New York’s Teacher Union Officials Spent $4.8 Million on Lobbying

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New York state and city teacher union bosses spent almost $5 million, more than any other lobbying group, in 2013.  New York state law allows for mandatory monopoly bargaining and compulsory unionism.  Agency fee deductions are mandatory and automatic, not negotiable, upon certification of the exclusive bargaining representative.  That means every New York teacher must either join or support the national, […]

California State Senator Can Use Dues Dollars for Criminal Defense

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Mike Antonucci began reporting on this story involving California State Senator Leland Yee in late March, 2014.  Apparently he was endorsed by and received campaign contributions from several education unions in California.  The real shame is that California teachers were forced to pay dues for this support, but will receive nothing in return.  To add […]

Wisconsin Labor Unions Endorse Burke for Governor

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Some involved in Wisconsin politics are questioning union bosses’ endorsement of Mary Burke for governor.  At least those teachers who do not agree with the Wisconsin Education Action Council’s (WEAC) endorsement will not have to pay for it with forced dues.  Nyall Muennuddin has the story in the Wisconsin Badger-Herald. As the race for governor draws closer, three […]

Pennsylvania Student Sees Through Union Bosses’ Rhetoric

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Pennsylvania student Alex Fried gets it.  He sees through union bosses’ banal rhetoric about it being “for the kids”.  another example of union power enshrined in a monopoly bargaining agreement allowed by Pennsylvania law.  even the Superintendent has accused teacher union bosses of holding students hostage.  Mike Iorfino of The Times-Tribune has the story. Abington Heights teachers often […]

Pull the Plug on LIFO Support

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California Teacher Empowerment President Larry Sand makes the case for doing away with rights based entirely on seniority in California schools on California’s fiscal problems have taken a toll on the teaching profession in California. And the Golden State’s arbitrary seniority system, whereby staffing decisions are made by time spent on the job, has […]

More on “Social Justice Math”

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Mike Antonucci comments on social justice math, adding some great research on the topic. I wasn’t aware that the Chicago Teachers Union had a huge communal pencil bank, stocked with writing implements made from recycled ice cream sticks and graphite mined by Brazilian worker collectives. Everywhere else we buy pencils. Lewis’ reference to Bob Peterson leads us to […]

Parents, Chicago Teacher Union Boss Wants to Teach Math Using Social Justice

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Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis is desperate enough to pull that old saw about social justice out of her bag of union boss tricks and wants to use it to teach math, reasoning, “. . . math is political. . .”  So not only will teachers be forced to pay forced dues to a union […]

An End to Forced Unionization?

On March 24, 2014, in Uncategorized, by clj

Kevin Mooney reviews the condition of home child care providers and the litigation fighting for freedom on behalf of these workers.  Teachers, as public sector workers, could feel the impact of the outcomes of the litigation.  The full story appears on Without a steady stream of water and electricity, child-care service providers who typically […]

Teacher Union Power Failure in Illinois

On March 21, 2014, in States, Uncategorized, by clj

The Editorial Staff of the Chicago Tribune recounts the tale of Despite pouring forced-dues  dollars into their campaigns, teacher union bosses’  were not able to elect their hand-picked politicians in primaries across the state.  Illinois teachers may still be forced to pay tribute to these union bosses, but that situation could change in the future. Efforts by […]

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