Whoever Turned Down a Raise?


Once again, teacher union officials are proving they do not speak for their members by rejecting an offered raise. It would be interesting to know how those union members are reacting to the news.  Matt Stone has the story on

Youngstown Schools CEO Krish Mohip says it doesn’t look like the leadership of the YEA, The Youngstown Education Association, wants the raises.

Mohip says he wants to reopen the teachers union contract only to add the raise and do nothing else.

“Right now salary is part of the collective bargaining agreement. Anytime you make a change to the collective bargaining agreement you have to agree to it on both ends and that’s all i am asking them to do,” said Mohip.

In a letter sent to the media, YEA President Larry Ellis said Mohip wants to offer a raise only if the union agrees to, “Put up on his chopping block all of the other contractual provisions that also contribute to teacher recruitment and retention.”

Mohip says “absolutely not.”  He says it’s about keeping teachers from leaving the district after they get a year or two of experience.

“I’m tired of training these teachers and giving them really great skills and then losing them because other areas around here are paying $2000-$3000 more. I’m disappointed I have to mandate someone to come to talk about something that is so important to make sure they are not among the lowest paid in the Mahoning Valley,” said Mohip.

Mohip says Ellis has not responded to his calls to reopen the contract.

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