Dallas School Board Election Reflects Union Official Involvement


Teacher union officials are involved in another school board election in Dallas, Pennsylvania. A strike last year has caused unrest in the district and teacher union officials have taken advantage of the situation to attempt to fill the school board with union. Each side is attempting to blame the other for the action taken by teacher union officials.  Michael P. Buffer has the story in the Citizens Voice.

The Dallas School District teachers’ strike in November and December increased tensions and created divisions in the community, and that could affect Tuesday’s primary election.

A team of four candidates are running as “Dallas United.” The team has received support from union members on social media. Two “Dallas United” candidates are married to Dallas teachers, and another is a Tunkhannock Area teacher.

Four other candidates — including two current board members — are on the ballot.

The “Dallas United” candidates are Scott Francis, Susan K. Allen, John Pike and Jamiel W. Rollins. Christine Swailes, Edward Dudick Jr. and the sitting board members — Sherri Newell and Gary Youngblood — are also on the ballot.

Teachers went on strike Nov. 14 and came back to work Dec. 19. The last day of school is now June 30 — another source of acrimony.

Emotions and animosity boiled over Dec. 12 at a chaotic school board meeting that had union members and district officials yelling at each other and members of the public choosing whom to blame for the strike.

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