Once is Not Enough


Teacher union officials in the Dallas, Pennsylvania school district left off their current strike last week, but are planning a new one for November 22 if their demands are not met. Michael P. Buffer has the story in the Citizens Voice.

Dallas School District teachers are coming back to their classrooms today, ending a strike that will result in the cancellation of seven school days.

The teachers union gave the district a new proposal to reduce the cost of health-care benefits significantly and set a new strike date for Nov. 22, union President Michael Cherinka Jr. said.

They went on strike in November and December 2016 and started another strike Sept. 22.

On Friday, roughly two dozen parents and taxpayers held a demonstration in front of the administration building to voice their displeasure with the strike. They blamed both the school board and the teachers union for failing to find a compromise.

Asked if Friday’s demonstration helped get the teachers back to work, event organizer Joanna Cunningham replied in a message, “I hope so!”