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It may come as a surprise to some living in Massachusetts that teacher union officials there do NOT run state education department. It only seems that way.  Mike Antonucci has the story in Intercepts. Members of the Haverhill Education Association in Massachusetts voted not to approve the renewal of the Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter…(Read More)

-Janus vs. AFT


Here’s a look at the AFT’s take for the Janus case.  Filed with the Supreme Court last week, the Janus v. AFSCME could end forced dues for all teachers and other government employees. The decision will not affect government employee unions’ existence, but rather make they work for their members.  Their rhetoric includes…(Read More)

Merit Pay Re-examined


Although the issue is a bipartisan one, and many teachers would like to earn more money for their skills, monopoly bargaining in 43 states keeps teachers from reaching their top earnings potential. Check out the editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal. Then-President Barack Obama came to Wright Middle School in Madison eight years ago…(Read More)