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The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, of which CEAFU is a Special Project, has been fighting the injustices of forced unionism since 1975.   Official time is a great union boondoggle for public employee unions.  The taxpayer foots the bill while union officials conduct union business on company time.  These union officials also collect…(Read More)

CA Staff Union Pickets


Mike Antonucci reports on the woes of the California Staff Union and their treatment by the California Teachers Association union officials. Members of the California Staff Organization, the union of professionals who work for the California Teachers Association, held an informational picket at the National Education Association Representative Assembly in Boston last week. The staffers…(Read More)

A Massachusetts charter school is in hot water, according to the local teacher union president who has brought questionable charges after voting against letting the school continue as a charter. Why are teacher union officials even allowed to vote on whether a school continues to be a charter school or not?  Does the school board…(Read More)