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An independent study by Public Opinion Strategies shows even a majority of union households agree no one should be forced to pay dues to an unwanted union. Kate Stringer has the story in Nearly two-thirds of Americans — even a majority of those in labor households — believe workers should be able to choose…(Read More)

California union officials are doing something with all those forced dues they collect public sector (including teachers), with all this anti-Janus legislation. Edward Ring, of The California Policy Center has comprised a list of anti-Janus legislation. Janus v. AFSCME Local 31 is a case brought by the National Right to Work Legal Defense…(Read More)

It’s time to call a halt to teacher union power over the education process and eliminate the root of compulsory unionism:  monopoly bargaining.  A bigger mess brought on by monopoly bargaining has never been seen. Things are likely to get worse if teacher unions lose their ability to force teachers to pay dues. Their…(Read More)