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There is no end in sight for the strike, particularly when Oklahoma school superintendents are picketing right along with teacher union officials. Even striking teachers are concerned their efforts can survive if parents and school administrators stop supporting their action. Michelle Hackman has the story in the Wall Street Journal. Thousands of Oklahoma teachers surrounded…(Read More)

The fact that many superintendents have closed schools in Oklahoma, West Virginia and other states is really no surprise. There is a union for superintendents entitled American Federation of School Administrators, a trade union (Wikipedia’s words, not mine) which represents public school principals, vice principals, administrators, and supervisors in the United States. The trade…(Read More)

Whoa! We Owe, We Owe!


Mike Antonucci reviews the financial health of the National Education Association after its dreamy promises to its own staff union members in More money would normally be good news for the union, but it comes with more problems. As revenues have increased, NEA and its affiliates have promised its own employees more and…(Read More)