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California union officials are running scared about the possible outcome of the Janus case, but leave it to them to seek more power via the legislature. If you can’t get people to do what you want, just twist the arms of the legislature.  Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers, claims many…(Read More)


New York teacher union officials fought hard to enact a law which calls for mandatory monopoly bargaining and compulsory unionism. Every teacher in every New York school district must either join a union or become an agency fee payor.  There is no negotiating when it comes to paying dues for New York teachers. Considering the…(Read More)


Larry Sand on Janus


CEAFU Key Leader and President of the only nonunion professional educator group in California, California Teacher Empowerment Network (CTEN), Larry Sand speculates on the future of unions and the Janus case in the California Policy Center’s newsletter. But now son of Friedrichs is upon us. On June 6th, the National Right to Work Legal…(Read More)