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Glenn Minnis has the story on Metro East Sun. Dwight Kay can only see good things coming from Chicago Public School (CPS) system employees exerting the freedoms he argues have been denied to them for far too long. “The Janus decision is a good one because no matter what side of the political aisle you…(Read More)

Education week reports on the surge in union political activity, including members running for office.  Keep in mind:  We collected the information from a variety of sources, including teacher organizations, news reports, and direct submissions through an online form. Of a total of 159 candidates as of September 5, it seems all are running for…(Read More)

Without millions of teacher being forced to pay dues now, teacher union officials have nevertheless vowed to keep their political action power going.  Let’s see how far it goes without the  pre-Janus forced dues to finance them.  Sarah Schwartz has the story in Education Week. In the aftermath of this spring’s teacher…(Read More)