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Just in case somebody missed it, both teacher unions have joined with other Big Labor unions and officially endorsed a candidate for governor. One can only guess how much influence they will have in the upcoming elections.  Rick Pearson has the story in Morning Spin in the Chicago Tribune. Democratic governor candidate J.B. Pritzker…(Read More)

Florida House Bill 25 has teacher union officials are mobilizing their forces to keep forced representation. Exclusive representation legislation usually allows teacher unions to become the bargaining agent in a district when 50 percent plus one vote in favor of the union.  Florida House Bill 25 would allow the school board to decertify any teacher…(Read More)

Teacher union officials are always claiming their actions are “for the kids”. Now here is something that is truly “for the kids”. Andrew Lovenheim and Alexander Willen, both of Cornell University, dispel the myth that collective bargaining is good for students. This paper presents the first analysis of the effect of teacher collective bargaining on…(Read More)