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Joy Overbeck in Townhall, writes on how taxpayers are unwittingly spending millions to finance campaigns against politicians they may not agree with through teachers union dues.  School board elections are rife with teacher union money and candidates who are trying to return the school district back into the teacher union officials’ puppet, spending millions of…(Read More)

Pennsylvania teachers will no longer be subject to seniority rules when it comes to layoffs. Instead, teachers will be rated according to performance when it comes to reducing staff.  Kathleen J. Davis has the story in WESA. A sweeping school code bill will become a state law without Gov. Tom Wolf’s signature. In addition…(Read More)


Teacher union officials depend largely upon forced dues to throw an ever-increasing amount of money to politicians who will do their bidding and help them build their lavish empire. Larry Sand explores possible ramifications of the Janus v. AFSCME case which is due to be heard by the Supreme Court some time in 2018…(Read More)