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UTLA’s own history lauds the nine-day strike that culminated in a “historic” three-year contract, with 8 percent wage increases each year. What seems to have fallen into the memory hole is that UTLA’s original demand was for 21 percent over two years, and the district’s last offer before the strike…(Read More)

That darned UTLA leadership! In a vain attempt to circumvent the Janus decision, teacher union officials are attempting to make the district (read taxpayers) pay for a new hire orientation session!  The thinking seems to be, if you can’t force the teachers to support your radical agenda and political spending, try to get the…(Read More)

Jade Thompson has long fought the Ohio Education Association’s radical agenda for many reasons, by being a nonmember. Now she is finally able to exercise her Foundation-won Janus rights.  Michael Kelly has the story in the Marietta Times. Mrs. Thompson has recounted her story to CEAFU supporters at a previous annual convention, citing…(Read More)