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New Jersey Education Association officials use intimidation tactics not only on unwilling teachers but politicians also. David Cantor has the story in The New Jersey Education Association, the second- or third-largest state affiliate of the National Education Association (depending on whether you count the hybrid New York state union), has in recent…(Read More)

A Department of Education’s 2016 regulation concerning teacher preparation and funding of it, is not sitting well with NEA teacher union president Lily Eskelsen. Paul Stephan has the story in the Regulatory Review.  A little-discussed, 2016 U.S. Department of Education regulation, “Teacher Preparation Issues,” is quietly changing what colleges and other institutions…(Read More)

Teachers in the Empire State must, by law, either join or pay forced dues in every school district, teacher union power is very strong and pervasive. Charter schools were designed to allow more flexibility in all aspects of education reform, including how teachers are hired and trained.  And teacher union officials, while co-opting charter…(Read More)