Despite the recent furor over #RedforEd, teacher union officials and members running for office,  and teacher union boasts about how their membership has rallied since the Janus decision, apparently the public is not satisfied.  A USA Today poll conducted by Ipsos, finds the public does not equate teacher unions (or teacher union  membership) with quality…(Read More)


Teacher union officials led an informal strike at Seattle’s Garfield High School on September 28 of this year.  If they will not abide by a contract they negotiated, what good is the contract?  This is another example of the evils of monopoly bargaining.  Students miss out on formal instruction in a time where they…(Read More)

Mike Antonucci gives background on teacher union efforts to influence 2018 mid-term elections in  Win or lose, at least public school employees will not have to join or support a labor union which supports candidates these employees do not wish to vote for, thanks to the Janus decision. Teacher unions will have…(Read More)