Everyone knows attendance at school is mandatory, at least for students. The spate of strikes could cause parents to look more favorably on school choice as a result of schools being closed and teacher attendance becoming unreliable.  That is to say nothing of school administrators who colluded with teacher union officials to bring these strikes…(Read More)

Trenton Education Association union officials cannot see the New Jersey Education Association’s (NJEA) decision to support charter schools is simply a power play to grab keep members, and for the time being, nonmembers. David Foster has the story in the Trentonian. But there is an all-out war brewing in the capital city between…(Read More)

Not all teachers are participating in the illegal Oklahoma strike, just as not all teachers went on strike in West Virginia.  Ginger Tinney, Executive Director of Professional Oklahoma Educators, the largest Nonunion professional educator group in Oklahoma, takes a stand against the illegal strike currently in its fourth day.  The AP article appears on 7…(Read More)