Union Alternatives

About Professional Alternatives to Teacher Union Membership

CEAFU works closely with independent, non-union professional educator groups across the country to ensure teachers have an alternative to teacher union membership.  CEAFU is on the front line working to preserve these organizations at the same time we are working to eliminate compulsory unionism.  These independent groups are the vision of education without compulsory unionism.

Non-union professional educator groups offer a variety of benefits to teacher and support personnel, including superior liability insurance plans.  Because most do not engage in political action, the dues are usually much less than teacher union dues.

Teacher union officials often tell teachers they must join the union in order to obtain liability insurance. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE.  Liability insurance is one of the two principal reasons teachers join a union.

Non union professional groups have been around since 1856.   Some have a greater number of members than the NEA and AFT state affiliates combined.  Each is unique, including the two national groups.  All provide an excellent alternative to teacher union membership.

As teachers, parents and community leaders, non-union group leaders are constructive voices at education policy tables in their respective states.  They have dedicated their lives to ensuring all students receive a world-class education, bringing a “children-first” attitude to all they do.

Many of these group leaders once held officer positions within the NEA or AFT and became disillusioned by the politics, the unresponsive hierarchy, forced dues, monopoly representation, unprofessional and oftentimes illegal, strikes and other intimidation tactics.  Being natural leaders, they struck out on their own to give teachers a viable choice.  One rarely hears of an independent group member resigning to become a union member.

Working with differing levels of compulsory unionism laws, independent groups have made their mark on the education scene by providing comparable services to the teacher unions without forcing members to join or support their organizations.

Today, there are 25 independent  non-union, professional educator groups operating in 27 states and nationwide, which provide popular services without the forced dues and politics.   Two national groups also provide single memberships, but also have some state chapters and state affiliates.

Many non-union professional associations do not engage in any sort of politics.  Those who do lobby have the sanction of their members.  Members may resign at any time, are not subject to “window periods” or need perform any elaborate shenanigans to resign their membership.

These groups usually offer twice the liability protection as teacher labor unions, and other attractions – without the high dues price.   Professional educator groups also offer various benefits, including professional development and leadership courses, scholarships and other programs all suited to helping today’s teacher keep up in their professional lives and up to date with education policies.

Together, we have made a major difference in the lives of those involved in education.

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