Seattle School Bus Drivers Cause Havoc for Students, Parents


Teamsters Local 174 has gone on strike, stranding thousands of students and inconveniencing their parents. Check out the story on

Thousands of parents are figuring out how to get their kids to and from school Wednesday as Seattle bus drivers stage a one-day strike.

. . . drivers were on the picket line. Teamsters Local 174 says it is an “unfair labor practice strike” to protest the actions of First Student, the company that operates the bus service. Some parents were on hand as well to support the drivers.

About 20,000 students could be affected by the strike.

One bus plowed through the picket line at around 7:10 a.m., pushing through striking drivers. It’s not clear who was behind the wheel or where they were going.

Any student who misses school due to the strike will be marked for an unexcused absence, but they can work with their teachers to make up any missed assignments.

The Teamsters say bus service will return on Thursday. Under the current contract the school district can fine First Student more than $1 million for every day the strike continues.