Brevard Teachers Work to Rule


Brevard Teacher union officials have called a “work to the rule” showdown. Dan Billow has the story on WESH TV 2 in Florida.

Brevard County teachers plan to start what the school district calls a work slowdown to try and obtain more money.

The teachers union is advising its members to stop doing extra work outside of school hours. The plan is drawing criticism from the superintendent.

Teachers may not provide extra tutoring, may not get papers graded as quickly, and students may see some activities canceled.

“In the past, teachers would take huge stacks of papers home. That’s gonna stop,” Anthony Colucci of the Brevard Federation of Teachers said.

Starting Monday, the union is suggesting to its teachers to do no work beyond their classrooms or outside their 40-minute planning time.

School superintendent Desmond Blackburn has suggested that makes it appear teachers will give less care and service to their students.

The union acknowledges that some tutoring and before-and-after school activities will stop.