Illinois Teacher Unions Endorse Gubernatorial Candidate


Just in case somebody missed it, both teacher unions have joined with other Big Labor unions and officially endorsed a candidate for governor. One can only guess how much influence they will have in the upcoming elections.  Rick Pearson has the story in Morning Spin in the Chicago Tribune.

Democratic governor candidate J.B. Pritzker now has the backing of the state’s two major teachers’ unions after the endorsement of the Illinois Education Association.

Pritzker got the support of the Illinois Federation of Teachers last month, and the IEA endorsement represents a further consolidation of organized labor money and resources behind the billionaire entrepreneur and investor.

IEA President Kathi Griffin cited “Pritzker’s strong commitment to funding K-12 education, his promise to invest in higher education, his pledge to protect collective bargaining rights and his willingness to enact a progressive income tax that matched our goals for public education in Illinois” as the reason behind the endorsement.

The IEA has more than 135,000 members and becomes one of 30 union and organized labor groups that have backed Pritzker’s candidacy.