How NEA Endorsed HRC


For those of you especially who are captive passengers (agency fee payors), here’s how the NEA endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for president in 2015. While NEA president Lily Eskelson Garcia may have declared it to be a democratic process, something seems to have been lost in that translation.  Mike Antonucci has the short story here on Intercepts and the long on

The National Education Association Representative Assembly will meet in Minneapolis this July. The delegates will debate and vote on a host of proposed amendments to the union’s constitution, one of which would give the delegates themselves the sole responsibility for endorsing candidates for President of the United States.

Under the current process, the NEA president alone puts forth the name of a candidate for recommendation. It then has to be approved by the union’s PAC Council, made up of representatives of state affiliates and special interest caucuses, and then finally by the union’s board of directors. The board’s decision then goes to the RA for ratification.

A significant number of NEA activists felt the endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination was unfair to her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. They had good reason to be skeptical.

As revealed by the e-mails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, leaked by Wikileaks, the NEA brass was lobbying its own activists on behalf of Clinton long before the union’s formal recommendation process had even begun.