20180130-Is it a Strike or Not?


It’s difficult to determine if it is or not, but West Virginia teacher union officials seem to be gearing up for one. If only they can decide what to do.  Ryan Quinn has the story in the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

The president of the West Virginia Education Association’s Mingo County arm said large majorities of Mingo’s public school professional and service personnel, including teachers, counselors, and others, both nonunion and from his union and others, have voted for a 1-day walk-out.

Brandon Wolford, a Lenore K-8 special education teacher, declined Monday to reveal the date, but said it would be soon.

Bob Brown, an American Federation of Teachers union lobbyist, said he didn’t know how many counties have decided to participate, but said he’s heard of five to seven counties having meetings of all school employees tonight. He said AFT is sending staff to the meetings “to figure out what’s going on.”

Wolford said the one-day walkout in Mingo isn’t actually a strike, but said “we’re hoping that this gets their attention.”

“If not, it could very well lead to something that lasts, could very well be long term,” he said.

”The quicker we act,” Wolford said, “the quicker they hear us and we do not want this legislative session to end or for no more bills to be able to be introduced, without them knowing that there’s going to be hell to pay if they don’t listen to us.”