Teacher Union Officials Call Illegal Strike in West Virginia


Teacher union officials have called a strike beginning today in West Virginia. News 12BOY

has the story.

 West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said in a statement, the teacher strike is illegal and he will take action, if requested, to enforce the law.

Morrisey issued a prepared statement hours before a planned two-day strike by public school teachers and service workers.

“Let us make no mistake. The impending work stoppage is unlawful,” said Morrisey. “State law and court rulings give specific parties avenues to remedy such illegal conduct, including the option to seek an injunction to end an unlawful strike,” he said.

Morrisey’s statement did not say that he had been asked to seek the injunction, but he indicated he’s ready to take action.

“Our office is prepared to support any relevant state agency or board with legal remedies they may choose to pursue to uphold the law,” Morrisey said. “We also stand ready to assist and support any county board of education or county superintendent to enforce the law.”