277,000 Students At Home Due to Illegal West VA Strike


Schools in all 55 West Virginia counties remain closed today again, leaving 277,000 students out of school as teacher union officials whip up teachers to protest. CBS News has the story.

West Virginia’s public schools are closed for a third day today because of a teachers’ walkout. Nearly 20,000 public school teachers have walked out in the first statewide teacher strike in the state’s history.

This walkout is expected to impact more than a quarter-million students.

Last night educators and supporters gathered at the State Capitol in Charleston for a candelight vigil to fight for better pay and benefits.

A work stoppage like this is actually illegal in West Virginia. The State Attorney General says he supports teachers’ “cries for higher salaries,” but will help local authorities enforce the rule of law.

The West Virginia Education Association say its lawyers are ready to handle any challenges.