-NEA Resolutions Abound


Mike Antonucci, although no longer invited to attend the annual NEA convention, has the scoop on proposed resolutions.  NEA officials are looking for a few good educators willing to be arrested and refuse bail.

Delegates to the National Education Association Representative Assembly have already submitted 93 new business items (50 from California) for debate and vote. By my reckoning, only about one-third of them have anything to do with education. Here a few noteworthy ones:

NBI 22: NEA will not accept advertisements from businesses, such as Banana Republic, that use profits to privatize public education.

NBI 25: NEA will select 10 or more racial and/or class segregated publicly funded public schools at random and petition the IRS to drop these selected segregated public schools from their IRS tax exemption status.

NBI 29: NEA will start a national strategy using existing means to abolish the PRAXIS, or similar standardized tests as the primary qualifier for teacher certification.

NBI 45: NEA will investigate current American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) members (companies, corporations, and/or groups). If any current ALEC members have direct and/or indirect (3rd party) association with NEA, NEA will urge the company, corporation, and/or group, in writing, to withdraw ALEC membership within 90 days of the notice. Should the ALEC member(s) fail to or decline to withdraw ALEC membership, NEA will immediately discontinue association (direct and/or indirect) with the ALEC
member and encourage all state and local associations to do the same. Should there be a contractual agreement with the ALEC member(s), NEA will not extend and/or enter into a contract.

NBI 58: NEA will:
1. Collaborate with local border issues organizers to plan at least one action to shut down an immigration detention center, a Customs and Border Patrol office, or an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office;
2. Recruit at least 500 educators (including retired educators) to participate in the action who are willing to be arrested and not bail out of jail for a week.

NBI 78: NEA will use existing data to help inform local and state affiliates who would like information about public banks, helping members learn how these institutions may better support our schools, communities,
infrastructure, and those seeking student loans.

NBI 79: NEA will produce relevant materials to educate members about the problems the financial institutions create for public education in particular and the entire society in general.

NBI 89: In light of the struggles of communities of color and the current environment of racial, ethnic, gender and sex inequalities/discrimination, NEA shall use existing internal and external resources to create and maintain an online reporting system to give a voice and formalized pathway
of reporting to members who experience incidents of bullying/harassment/oppression by union officials. This resource will allow NEA to gather, monitor, and respond to data/trends that undermine NEA’s
mission. It is a commitment to increase educator voice, uphold our stance against bullying and to uphold our commitment to racial and social justice for all individuals in an effort to better serve each and every member.

To say nothing of those formerly forced to pay dues to support NEA.