Washington Illegal Strike Update


Four illegal strikes continue in Washington state. Lisa Balick and KOIN 6 News staff report.
Evergreen, Washougal, Battle Ground and Longview remain on strike. Early Tuesday, Evergreen, Washougal and Battle Ground announced school was closed for Wednesday.


That means the 1800 teachers in Evergreen — Washington’s 6th-largest school district — will remain on strike “and will not return to classrooms unless they have an amended agreement to their current contract.”

Families in the Evergreen district will get a daily update from the district. School buildings are closed, but the food service program will be providing lunch at Crestline Elementary.

Athletics are still in progress, since coaches are covered under a separate contract.


District officials also announced there is no school on Wednesday.

Battle Ground

Another bargaining session is underway on Tuesday but officials already canceled classes for Wednesday.

As in Evergreen, athletics will continue and lunch programs will be served on a limited basis.


Asked if Longview would go to court to force teachers back to the classroom, Zorn said, “That’s under consideration right now. That decision has not yet been made.”