Teacher Unions Take Hit on Illegal Strikes from the Public


Snohomish couple voice their opinion on teacher union greed on herald.net


Teachers union turned McCleary into feeding frenzy

Washington taxpayers grudgingly resigned themselves to paying higher property taxes in order to fully fund education under the McCleary lawsuit. But that was before the teachers union forgot about the education part and turned this into a feeding frenzy, demanding, and in some cases getting, teacher salary increases of 20 percent.

I wonder if the union bosses (and the school boards that granted the . . . increases) have thought about how taxpayers, . . .  who have never seen any increases, will respond to future school levies.

Washington law states that it is illegal for public employees to strike. Teachers contemplating a strike are knowingly violating state law, and their students are aware of that. What sort of an example are the teachers setting for them? Teachers teach, even when they are not in the classroom!