Whose Decision is it Anyway?


Once again, Mike Antonucci reveals National Education Association officials are divesting themselves of another subsidiary in Intercepts.    Mike questions whether members had any say as this subsidiary bites the dust.

The National Education Association has a number of subsidiaries under its wing to conduct specific activities. It has one for member benefits, another to manage its real estate holdings in Indiana, yet another to oversee its membership software, etc.

This year NEA shut down its Education Employee Assistance Fund. NEEAF was a nonprofit corporation that guaranteed loans to members of NEA who were engaged in strikes or other labor actions. Costs of the program were split between the national union and participating state affiliates.

No reason was forthcoming for the dissolution, though NEA has been implementing a number of spending cuts in the wake of the Janus ruling. For members the decision may be mistimed. This year saw a wave of job actions by public school teachers after many years of relative peace. However, very few lost wages as a result and so would not have been in need of a loan.

NEEAF reports it has set aside almost $43,000 to settle the remaining outstanding loans on its books, the last of which matures in April 2019.