Teacher Union Officials Sponsor Rally in Indiana


Attempting to call attention to the deconstruction of most of their monopoly bargaining power, Indiana teacher union officials are calling for a show on Saturday at the state Capitol building.  Although Indiana has had Right to Work for teachers since 1993, last year’s National Right to Work Legal Foundation-won Janus case and the reining in of union monopoly power in Indiana has teacher union officials there unsure of their future.  The prospect of a poor showing of legislators does not seem to have daunted teacher union officials.   Meredith Colias-Pete has the story in the Chicago Tribune.

Under Indiana law, teacher strikes are officially prohibited — like other Republican states where they have recently happened over issues like salaries, classroom resources, pensions, support staff pay.

Former Rep. Tim Skinner, D-Terre Haute, an ex-teacher, recently told his hometown newspaper that he felt that approach was a mistake.

A Saturday rally may not have the same effect “when no legislators will be there,” he told the newspaper.

In other states, teacher walk-outs were “the only thing that will created enough blowback to make legislators think about what they are doing,” he said

Education reforms have made it more difficult to be a teacher — both for veterans and rookies, Merrillville Classroom Teachers Association Deborah Argenta said in an email.

We “are disheartened to witness what has become of our profession over the years, ‘the war on teachers,’ as legislators stripped teachers of most of their collective bargaining rights, eliminated teacher pay scales, ended incentives for advanced degrees, loss of seniority rights and lack of public support,” she wrote in an email.