An Explosive Representative Assembly


Mike Antonucci has deal on more Representative Assembly developments, including:

A development on yesterday’s blog, about “education allies” members.  They will have to pay a membership fee of $25 to allow them to make PAC donations.

Additionally, the delegates approved measures that allow the national union to establish trusteeships over local affiliates, and set hurdles to be met before a local affiliate can secede from NEA. The latter measure also requires a seceding affiliate to give up the name “education association” or “association of educators” if it leaves NEA.

Fewer than 6,000 delegates were present to vote, which is the lowest total since I have been covering the NEA convention in 1998.

. . . the delegates to the National Education Association Representative Assembly got a little rambunctious and did something the union has studiously avoided for 34 years. They put NEA on the record as supporting the “fundamental right to abortion.”

Since 1985 the National Education Association has held an official policy on family planning. Expressed in Resolution I-24, it begins:

The National Education Association believes in family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.

This was widely understood by both sides of the debate as being a pro-abortion stance. But for the last 34 years, the union has denied it takes any position on abortion. The word has never appeared in the union’s resolutions.

The reason for being cagey about it is because there is a significant number of teachers who refuse to join NEA because they believe the organization supports abortion. For many years, some NEA delegates have attempted to get the union to take a neutral stance on abortion, but have always failed.

This is an interesting development to CEAFU supporters because, before the Foundation-won Janus decision, teachers who opposed abortion had 2 ways of living their conscience:  become an agency fee payor and have no voice in the issue at all, or become a member and work from within the union to change the stance.

NBI 121 directs NEA to “create a task force to examine means of data collection on racial discrimination, racism, harassment, and bullying of members by local and state association leadership.” A delegate from Maryland submitted the item, stating, “we need to face the racism that exists in our own association.”

NBI 127 calls on NEA to establish a date during the 2019/2020 school year as an ultimatum for the federal government to take action on a long list of demands, including progressive taxation for racial reparations and aggressive action to halt and reverse climate change. If the demands are not met by the prescribed date, “NEA will implement plans to create statewide actions that include, but are not limited to building collective union power and the withholding of labor.” NEA estimates carrying out this NBI will cost almost $500,000.

Needless to say, this “action” will cost taxpayers millions more in lost school days and monopoly bargaining contracts.

NBI 155 bans NEA from promoting or supporting Amazon in any way.