California Teachers Association Staff Picket their Bosses


It’s always ironic when staff unions (the union that covers people who are employed by unions) picket, strike or protest their own bosses because it is usually a sign of dissatisfaction with “management” and their “working conditions.”  Mike Antonucci reports on a particularly startling development with the California Teachers Association, and some more startling facts about “Scabby the Rat” a figure usually appearing exclusively at nonunion workplaces.

Upset over CTA management practices regarding the filling of vacant positions, the CTA staff union formed an informational picket line outside of union headquarters in Burlingame. And they brought a friend.

Yes, it’s Scabby the Rat, “symbol of corporate greed and anti-union work sites.”

Deploying him outside of union headquarters is ironic, but the staff union’s actions has it own irony.

Scabby was created by Big Sky Balloons in 1990 and the company has since expanded its inventory to include rats of various sizes and colors. The average rat costs about $6,000.

Big Sky Balloons probably turns a decent profit on Scabby, particularly since it is a non-union shop.

So, to sum up: We have a union protesting another union through the use of a union symbol manufactured with non-union labor.