Nevada Teacher Union Responds to Budget Deficit With Their Hands in Taxpayers’ Pocket


Clark County Education Association union officials are pressing once again for more taxpayer money when budgets are tighter than ever and the whole district is experiencing a serious economic downturn.  Union officials are making their voices heard loud and clear despite the fact that they were set to strike last September until contract negotiations went their way.  Sean De Lancey has the story on

Clark County Education Association Executive Director John Vellardita said . . . the union stands ready to fight any proposed budget cuts that could affect the  classroom, but stopped just short of referencing last year’s strike.

The district faces a 37.8 million dollar budget shortfall because of the coronavirus.

“Let me be clear, it’s a line in the sand for us. We’re not backing down from it. There can be no cuts in the classroom.”

Instead of cutting, Vellardita suggested the state legislature establish new, more reliable, revenue streams like increased property taxes, mine taxes, and attempting to diversify Nevada’s economy away from one that relies on entertainment and tourism.

“Everything should be on the table,” he said.

CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara didn’t say how the district plans to close the projected budget gap.

“When we presented our budget, we did not make any reductions. None at all,” he said.

Jara said he expects to receive more guidance from state officials before the end of the month.