AIA Headline: Florida teachers’ unions prevent teacher pay raise


Accuracy In Academia provides another example of state teacher unions that spend more time campaigning against a governor than putting money in the pockets of teachers.

Labor union officials like those in state National Education Association unions (NEA) spend more of their time and resources on political activities than most political parties. And, rather than behave like employee representatives, they act like an opposing political party with school boards and other education officials.

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Multiple school districts in Florida are at an impasse with the Florida Education Association (FEA) teachers’ union when it comes to distributing pay raises to teachers, which pay raises will come from a sum of $800 million. School districts blamed the teachers’ union for stalling their efforts to raise teacher pay, but the FEA did not agree with the districts’ criticism. …

The pay raise issue has been at a standstill since the state’s October 2022 deadline …

It is ironic that teachers’ unions, like the FEA, claim that they are working for their members to raise pay but continue to stall efforts to raise teacher pay.

Spencer Irvine, Accuracy In Academia