School Choice initiatives likely becoming law in six more states in 2023


From the Committee to Unleash Prosperity:

Six States Could Pass School Choice Bills THIS YEAR!!

In partnership with ALEC, The Committee to Unleash Prosperity held its School Choice Summit in Palm Beach, FL this past weekend with officials from seven states – West Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas, to name a few. The near-unanimous consensus was that this is THE school choice moment we’d been waiting for.

Why now? Because in the wake of school closures, ESG anti-America curriculum in the public schools, and record low test scores, parents have had it with the government educrats, politicians, and teacher unions running our schools (into the ground).

Earlier this year Iowa went all in and passed an Arizona-style universal Education Savings Accounts bill for all students to attend the schools their families choose. The money follows the students. West Virginia has passed a similar bill.

The two big targets this year are Florida and Texas.

Texas gov. Greg Abbott announced in his State of the State address that school choice is his top priority and he may call a special session of the legislature in Austin to get it done. Florida’s school choice program was begun under Jeb Bush and Ron DeSantis wants to make it the most ambitious and well-funded program in the country.

If Texas and Florida get this done, there are 21 other states that have the red trifecta – Republican governor and both legislative chambers controlled by the GOP.

Committee to Unleash Prosperity