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Teacher union officials fight school choice for a number of reasons, but parents, and freedom-loving teachers, love it.  Robert Holland  tells why in As legislative debate builds in states such as Arizona and Tennessee over the possible expansion of education savings accounts (ESAs) to empower more families with educational choice, it would…(Read More)

A prime example of why union official time, and why it should be abolished,  follows.  Union official time, so called because union officials can collect the same benefits as teachers in the classroom even if they spend most of the time they are supposed to be in the classroom doing union business.   Aaron Mak has…(Read More)

Nevada’s Clark County Education Association seems to be planning its own destruction by agitating for an illegal strike.  One penalty could result in the union losing its exclusive representation status.  Victor Joecks has the story in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Last week, the union put out an online survey. It asked educators what…(Read More)