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California teacher union officials are placing monopoly bargaining stumbling blocks standing in the way of parents who wish to home school their children during the Corona virus pandemic.  California schools closed several weeks ago but many districts are embattled with demands teacher union officials are trying to enshrine in a monopoly bargaining agreement. Mackenzie Mays…(Read More)

National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT-AFL-CIO) officials may have endorsed Joe Biden for president, but it seems like all 3 million NEA members may not be happy about the endorsement. NEA members who favored Bernie Sanders for a presidential candidate were left out in the cold, and likened the…(Read More)

Teacher union officials attribute the spread of corona virus as one reason they ended the Minneapolis strike.  Diane Sandberg has the story on After a three-day strike that cancelled classes in one of the biggest school district in Minnesota, St. Paul Public School teachers and the school district announced they have reached…(Read More)