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Of course, before Janus, union officials could always count  on a stash of forced dues to  make up the deficit left by corrupt individuals’ embezzlement or theft.  Mike  Antonucci has the story on Intercepts. From a National Education Association disclosure report to the U.S. Department of Labor, November 2017: “NEA suffered a $6,401…(Read More)

Alex Caputo-Pearl, head of the United Teachers of Los Angeles, has made smaller class size one of the demands the union will strike for.  Larry Sand shows how class size makes little if any difference in the Orange County Register.  Nice try, Alex.  Good show, Larry!  Now Mr. Caputo-Pearl will have to find…(Read More)

Teacher union and other public sector union officials have long enjoyed a special perk called “release time,” “official time,” or “union business time.”  Whatever the name, the definition is governments allow union officials to conduct union business during work hours, and get paid for it (presumably by the union as well as the government.  These…(Read More)