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Well, there isn’t much more National Education Association (NEA) teacher union officials can do to take over the South Kingstown, Rhode Island,  School Committee.  What’ll will be next?  All union officials taking over the town council?  Go Local Prov News Team and Kate Nagle have the story at Markey, who listed…(Read More)

Mike Antonucci outlines the strategy for the Los Angeles teacher strike, now scheduled for January, presumably for maximum effect.  Most students should be back in school after the holidays are over.   Students will be encouraged to participate in a strike prep art build where placards and picket signs will be made up to use during…(Read More)

The Kokomo, Indiana school system’s teacher union membership has fallen below that which it needs to continue to be the exclusive representative for that district.  Teacher union officials, of course, blame the state legislation.  If a union is good for teachers, it will not have to force them to join, they will join and…(Read More)