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“Social justice unionism,” or “bargaining for the common good,” is the jimson weed of education, an invasive species that just keeps growing and growing.  In the past few years teacher union officials have fomented unrest over the loss of forced dues through the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation’s landmark Supreme Court Janus…(Read More)

Oregon is a Model 3 teacher bargaining state.  That means, prior to the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation’s Janus decision, teachers and other education personnel were mostly either forced to become a member of a teacher union and endure their exclusive representation power, or pay dues to an unwanted union, as an…(Read More)

Florida Education Association (FEA) teacher and other union officials have backed off on a lawsuit challenging HB 7055.  This House Bill requires teacher unions to be recertified if their dues-paying membership falls below half in any given district.  While the bill is a step in the right direction, it does not remove exclusive representation…(Read More)