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Mike Antonucci produces some interesting facts on the difference between the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association and how their demographics may affect their future. AFT has affiliates in only 34 states. Only 21 have memberships larger than that of NEA’s Mississippi affiliate. Counting the AFT’s branch in the District…(Read More)

Teachers union officials are blaming the Janus decision for just about everything but global warming.  Maybe it’s time to look at what they’re making teachers support and realize perhaps they should be blaming themselves for declining membership.  Big surprise.  Not everyone supports their radical agendas.  And bringing down wrath on the heads of…(Read More)

So-called “radical” teachers push ever harder for more militancy and a more radical agenda, especially after the Janus decision has freed teachers from being forced to pay union dues equivalent.  But they are threatening to push for issues  that have little or nothing to do with education, at least improving education.  And, of course…(Read More)