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Do You Want to Be A Teacher Leader?

The national teacher unions are designated labor unions by the Internal Revenue Service.  There are many different types of associations, and non- union professional educator groups have different IRS designations.

Establishing a professional educator group can be a complicated process which involves a great deal of effort, but the payoff will be substantial, knowing you are helping your fellow teachers with the freedom of an alternative to union membership.

Many independent groups have been in existence since 1975  and earlier.   But there is still a need for a professional alternative in many states across the country.

If you are interested in setting up a professional educator group in your state, please contact us for confidential information.


Great!  You kept reading and you want to start a new non-union professional educators and/or staff group.

If your education facility has a monopoly bargaining agreement with a teacher or staff union, you will have more hurdles to jump than others will.  But, even those working in a union-free school system or who work in areas that prohibit union monopoly bargaining will have some hurdles to jump.  Don’t let that discourage you.  Remember you are promoting freedom, and freedom is always easier to promote than the Big Labor totalitarianism model.

You are not alone.  The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation and CEAFU will be there with you.  We have a nationwide network of former and current educators, as well as, other concerned freedom-minded people who want to help you bring education freedom to your workplace.

The steps that you may need to take may be as simple as notifying your school or as complicated as decertifying a union.  No matter the hurdles, the National Right To Work Foundation and CEAFU are here to help you establish an intimidation and compulsion-free environment for you and your fellow educators.

Thank you for taking a stand against the biggest bullies in education:  NEA and AFT union bosses.

So, if you remain interested in taking up the challenge, please complete the form below.  It is your best next step towards education freedom for you and your co-workers.

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