Take Action

Are you interested in furthering academic freedom in education?  There are several ways you can take action that don’t cost anything but your time.

Help us spread the word, telling other teachers and concerned citizens about the program and the website.  Share us, Like us on your Facebook account, or website.

Volunteer to “watchdog” your state by taking note of any local news concerning teacher union activity, including strikes, picketing and contract negotiations, school boards, or any activity centering around compulsory unionism.

Or, make a financial contribution to the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. to help continue its programs which include CEAFU. As a charitable organization, all contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

Teacher unions take in millions in forced dues every year.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will greatly aid us in our efforts to free teachers from being required to join or support a teacher union against their will.

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