Democrat presidential candidates (at least those left in the field) are still angling for the endorsement of the two most massive unions in the country, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.  Bitten by several situations in the last few elections, this year officials of both unions are taking their time to…(Read More)

Officials of the Willapa Valley Education Association (WVEA) a Washington Education Association affiliate, called a strike.   Dan Hammond has the story on Willapa Valley Education Association spokesman Dale Folkerts commented . . . “The move follows months of negotiations during which school district leaders have failed to adequately address teachers’ concerns over student safety,…(Read More)

Larry  Sand delves further into the “bargaining for the common good” issue. In June, 2016, unions across the country were expanding their focus to the broader conie mmunity, an effort which they call “bargaining for the common good.” The new strategy originated when public employee union leaders and community organizations gathered in Washington, D.C…(Read More)