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CEAFU Lunch Break: Are Union Presidents Like Randi Weingarten Alienating Teachers?

CEAFU Lunch Break with guest Kali Fontanilla Kali serves as a Capital Research Center Senior fellow, particularly focusing on topics related to K-12 public education. In a recent blog article, "President of Teachers Union Tries to Rewrite History . . . and Fails", Kali Fontanilla highlighted an X (formerly Twitter) post by Randi Weingarten. The…

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LIVE: The state of education and teacher unions’ culpability

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CEAFU Lunch Break (2/9/2024): Expert Larry Sand's insights on the state of education and teacher unions' culpability

Larry Sand is the president of a non-profit organization that aims to inform teachers and the public about educational issues from a non-partisan and non-political perspective.

He has experience as a classroom teacher and has witnessed the effects of the NEA and AFT on the quality of education.