Nevada NEA Steamed When Members Learned They Can Drop Union Dues

Knowledge of right to choose infuriates Nevada NEA Union Bosses. Union bosses throw tantrums when they learned that their union members were being informed that they have the right to drop their union memberships.  Nevada is a Right To Work State and it allows employees the right to choose to belong or not belong a union.  If teachers do not want to belong to a union, they are protected by Nevada law against any intimidation from union bosses or others who might consider infringing upon this workplace right.  From the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Trevon Milliard:

The Nevada State Education Association describes it as “union busting at its finest,” but the conservative think tank that emailed 12,000 Clark County School District teachers Friday about the summer drop period for union members contends its purpose was simply informational.

“This is union busting at its finest?” asked Victor Joecks, communications director for the Nevada Policy Research Institute. “If you really care about teachers, why don’t you let them know what their choices are?”

The Clark County Education Association, which represents local teachers and is part of the NSEA, only allows members to drop out from July 1-15 when “most teachers are on vacation and school-related activities are the furthest things from their minds,” Joecks wrote in the email to teachers.

Joecks said Tuesday that NPRI isn’t advocating that teachers drop their union memberships. It’s just publicizing the option. The institute also has posted a form drop letter on its website and made pre-stamped envelopes available to teachers interested in leaving the union.

“If you’re a teacher who dislikes CCEA union bosses lining their pockets with your dues while moving away from serving you, consider opting out,” the institute said in its mass email.