“It’s Like Putting Me Back In Slavery”

These are the words of Annie Lee Hudson, the Chicago teacher, who, with help from National Right to Work Foundation attorneys, carried her case all the way to the Supreme Court, in Chicago Teachers Union, Local No. 1, AFT, AFL-CIO, et al., v. Hudson et al.

Thirty-two years of teaching elementary school students in Chicago have honed Annie Lee Hudson’s ability to boil issues to their basic terms –  and nothing is more basic than freedom.

Mrs. Hudson goes on to say she is not anti-union, but that their power has overreached its bounds when they force her to pay for issues she does not support. 

“I believe in unions – I do not believe in arrogance and corruption and people doing me any kind of way they  want because they’re the only game in town,” Mrs. Hudson offers. “Unions have become very, very arrogant.”

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