Michelle Rhee and Joe Williams Stand up to the Schoolyard Bullies

Democrats like Michelle Rhee, of StudentsFirst.org, and Joe Williams, who heads up Democrats for Education Reform, take education reform to the highest level by making it a nonpartisan issue.  Part of their incredible effectiveness and power to accomplish reform is their willingness to take the politics out of the issue.  Or, rather, they make education reform an issue people of all political persuasions can make their own.  

The National Right to Work Committee has long characterized the National Education Association as “schoolyard bullies.”  It takes true courage and determination to monolith teacher union officials’ self-proclaimed monopoly on school reform.  William J. Bennett, former Secretary of Education, once described the National Education Association as the “. . . absolute heart and center of the Democratic Party.”

We applaud their efforts to rein in teacher union power, and to put our schoolchildren first. 

M. Catharine Evans, American Thinker blogger, explores the implications of their appearance at both the Republican and Democratic conventions in the coming weeks. 

Michelle and Joe:  Don’t back down!