This is Really for the Kids

The Douglas County, Colorado, school board seems it wants its own job back, with 4 proposals which would greatly diminish teacher union power in that district.  Mike Shedlock cheers them on with good reasons which are good for students, teachers and taxpayers.

Three members of the Douglas County School Board have floated proposals to terminate dealings with teacher’s unions.

Three board members proposed three separate ballot questions, each chipping away at what have been traditional district-union relationships in the affluent county south of Denver.

• Should the district be prohibited from using public funding for the compensation of union leaders?

• Should the district be prohibited from collecting union dues from employee paychecks on the union’s behalf?

• Should the district be prohibited from engaging in collective bargaining with the union?

Board members are expected to vote at their Sept. 4 meeting on which of the questions – or all or none of them – to place before voters on Nov. 6. School boards have until Sept. 7 to submit ballot language to their county elections officials.