Wayne State Contract Will Trap Teachers for 8 More Years

In Michigan, Wayne State University officials have signed a death warrant for teacher freedom for the next 8 years. Teacher union officials are determined to defy the voice of Michigan workers and circumvent the state’s Right to Work Law.  These officials have bullied school administrators into signing new, long-lasting contracts, in order to keep teacher corralled into paying forced dues for years and years to come. 

The law, which simply allows workers to choose or refrain from union membership as a condition of employment, goes into effect in March.  Teacher union officials at other schools are also attempting these shenanigans to keep forced dues pouring into their coffers.

Republican lawmakers have vowed to investigate, but in the meantime, Wayne State teachers are reduced to the status of slave.

Niraj Warikoo has the story in the Detroit Free Press

Wayne State University has reached an eight-year agreement with its union that may put it in conflict with state Republicans because of Michigan’s right-to-work law that takes effect next month.

The tentative agreement between the university and the union that represents about 1,950 faculty and staff members says that all faculty members — whether members of the union or not — will have to pay dues to the American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers.

Some Republican leaders have raised questions about the union contract at Wayne State, saying it would run counter to the law.

Last Friday, the Ferris State University board of trustees unanimously rejected a proposal to extend the faculty union’s contract by five years. 

Perhaps this is because Ferris was involved in a forced dues case many years ago, and does not wish to risk another lawsuit over teacher freedom. 

“This is a fair contract,” said professor Charles Parrish, president of the union. “Tenure, job security and academic freedom have been preserved. This will allow our faculty to continue their excellent work in teaching and research.”

Parrish also said, “This will be helpful to labor-management relations for some time.”

Allan Gilmour, WSU president, said: “This tentative agreement recognizes the value of our faculty and staff and also builds in the accountability and flexibility required to adapt to a rapidly changing world of higher education.”

Academic freedom?  Where?  Certainly  not a Wayne State.