WI Teacher Union Officials Still Attempting an End-Run Around Act 10

Not content to clog up the courts with lawsuits in a pathetic attempt to circumvent Act 10, Wisconsin teacher union officials have gathered for a Representative Assembly which could determine whether the NEA affiliate merges with the AFT affiliate in order to preserve what waning power they posses.  Teacher union officials are keeping mum about any topics of discussion, though, declaring only internal issues will be discussed. If the union’s membership is swirling down the drain, what else would be discussed besides how to  once again force teachers to pay up or join?

Will the once-powerful WEAC be able to survive the extinction of its membership?

Pat Schneider reports on the convention in Capital Times Online.

Leaders of the statewide organization of teachers unions aren’t talking much about what’s on the agenda, but there are contests for elected leadership posts and a proposal to streamline an organization hard hit by membership losses after Act 10 stripped most Wisconsin teachers unions of the power to bargain over anything but wages. . .

“They used to be one of the proverbial ‘800-pound gorillas’ in Wisconsin politics — their capacity has been gutted,” McCabe said.