My Employer Intends to Confiscate My Wages WIthout My Permission

The Harford County, Maryland, Education Association may believe it’s fighting for schools, but the only thing teacher union officials are really fighting for is more forced dues to go in their coffers.

Teacher union officials dress this law up as a silk purse when it is obviously a sow’s ear for teachers, calling it “fair share” when there is nothing “fair” about forcing unwilling teachers to pay for something they neither want nor asked for.

Charleen Sciambi still speaks for all agency fee payors when she wrote to her students:

“As I told them then, I believe there are sacred relationships in life and they and I had shared one.  The relationship between teacher and student takes on its own very special character that includes caring, friendship, and trust.  They deserved to be taught by those who merit their respect.

I wanted them to understand that I could not return to them in September and teach them to stand tall as a free man or woman if I could not.”

Cindy Mumby has the story in The Dagger.

New state legislation awaiting the governor’s signature paves the way for employee unions in Harford County Public Schools to begin collecting representation fees from non-members. The new fees are to help offset the cost of exclusive collective bargaining services that the unions have long provided for members and non-members alike. Called “fair share” fees by the unions, but derided by others as a union bonanza at taxpayer expense, the fees in Harford County could shift hundreds of thousands dollars from non-members’ salaries into union coffers beginning in the 2014-15 school year.