New York City Teacher Union Officals Control Performance Evaluations

New York City public schools officials have allowed teacher union officials to participate in developing a new teacher evaluation plan.  In their inimitable fashion, these officials have devised a way to secure one-year evaluation plans which must be renegotiated every year.  This allows them to control when stays and leaves the education system.  That should be the responsibility of the school administration, not teacher unions.

The New York Daily News has the story.

Gov. Cuomo warns teachers union, city to reach evaluation deal or explain why they blew deadline has he story in New York Daily News, May 2, 2013 Kenneth Lovett has the story in New York Daily News.

It’s almost pencils-down time for the city and the teachers union to reach agreement on a new teacher evaluation plan, Gov. Cuomo warned Thursday.

Cuomo wrote that the sides have had “ample time” to reach a deal.

Mayor Bloomberg and United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew doubt a deal can be made. “We appreciate the governor reminding us of the schedule that was outlined in the enacted state budget,” said Bloomberg spokesman Mark Botnick.

The city blew the first deadline in January and consequently could lose $250 million in additional school aid depending on the outcome of a court decision.