Democrats for Education Reform Call Teacher Union Officials on the Carpet

Joe Williams, Executive Director for Democrats for Education Reform, and Tim Daly, of education reform group, TNTP, insist teacher union officials shoulder part of the blame for the sad state of New York education.   Burdensome monopoly bargaining contracts and teacher union officials’ denial keep kids from the education they deserve.  Joe and Tim tell the story in the New York Daily News.

Lately, student testing has become everyone’s favorite political punching bag. Just this week, New York State United Teachers, the state’s powerful teachers union, issued a statement decrying the proliferation of new tests and insisting on a moratorium for their use in teacher evaluations.

The union didn’t mention its dirty little secret: It’s a big part of the problem. Yet instead of owning up to its role or trying to fix the problem, the union is scapegoating state Education Commissioner John King, Gov. Cuomo and the state Board of Regents.I