Teachers’ Union Bosses Defend Heavy Spending

United Federation of Teachers officials have spent millions on entertainment and funding such groups as ACORN, which shed its name but not its image.  President Michael Mulgrew spent thousands in forced dues to sweep New York’s American Federation of Teachers headquarters for listening devices.

New York law calls for mandatory, monopoly and exclusive bargaining privileges for all teacher unions in the state.  That means all teachers are compelled to join or support and be represented by teacher union officials regardless of the teacher’s wishes or inclination.  Apparently, those dues dollars are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to those union officials profligate spending.

Carl Campanile has the story in the New York Post.

Something’s bugging teachers-union boss Michael Mulgrew — or, at least, he thinks so.

The United Federation of Teachers president blew a huge wad of union cash to play out a paranoid James Bond fantasy when he paid $17,849 for a security team to sweep his headquarters for bugs, documents show.

The payments were made in January and March of last year, just as the union leadership grappled with key strategic decisions such as labor-contract negotiations and who to support as the next mayor.