Pennsylvania Student Sees Through Union Bosses’ Rhetoric

Pennsylvania student Alex Fried gets it.  He sees through union bosses’ banal rhetoric about it being “for the kids”.  another example of union power enshrined in a monopoly bargaining agreement allowed by Pennsylvania law.  even the Superintendent has accused teacher union bosses of holding students hostage.  Mike Iorfino of The Times-Tribune has the story.

Abington Heights teachers often have lamented the lack of public support they have received while engaging in their periodic strikes, blaming grandstanding by the school board, media sensationalism or any number of other factors.

If they hit the bricks again this fall and the public doesn’t approve, teachers need look no further than their own arrogance.

Last week the teachers union announced that, henceforth, teachers no longer will write letters of recommendation for college-bound students – letters that many institutions require as a component of application packages.