Harris Decision is Imminent

The Supreme Court Case, Harris V. Quinn, brought by the National Right to Work Foundation, could decide the fate of public employees across America, and may be decided by the end of the current week.  The Constitution Center’s Nicandro Iannacci has the story in its blog has the story.

At issue are two critical questions. First, can the state actually recognize a union of such workers? And second, do these workers have a First Amendment right to refuse to pay their “fair share” of the cost for union representation?

Illinois began recognizing a union for its home health care aides 10 years ago, largely in an effort to reduce turnover and provide stability for an increasingly elderly and disabled population. While individuals are empowered to choose their own aides and organize their daily activity, the state sets the number of hours aides can work and the required qualifications for such a position, in addition to paying their wages.