Right-to-Work Good For Missouri

Holly Rehder, Republican State Representative for Missouri’s 148th state district, writes about her decision to support a Right to Work law on semissourian.com.

I am proud to have been a part of the House majority that voted in favor of Right-to-Work in February, and I’m looking forward to the Senate adopting their own version of this policy and sending it back to the House for a vote so we can put it on the Governor’s desk. I’m also proud to say it has already been voted out of committee in the Senate, and is currently waiting to be brought up on the Senate floor.

Union bosses try to portray Right-to-Work as a policy that will hurt middle class workers. That is simply untrue. Let’s look at some facts:

Economies in Right-to-Work states grow much faster than states without a Right-to-Work policy. Non farm private-sector payroll employment grew by 9.2 percent in Right-to-Work states between 2003 and 2013, but by only 4 percent in non-Right to Work states, according to data from the National Institute for Labor Relations Research.