Democracy – AFT Style

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union officials endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, much to the dismay of members and forced-dues payers.  AFT officials are not worried because, except in 25 Right to Work states, teachers who leave the union will still be represented by the union, and be compelled to pay forced dues anyway.  The Perdido Street School Blog rightly points out that the Friedrichs case currently before the Supreme Court, could change all that.  Here’s the story.

Leo Casey, AFT spokesman in Tweets:  It is difference betwn anarchy & democracy. In anarchy there is no point in investing in democratic . . . decision making becuz everyone goes & does what they want regardless. In democracy you respect thedemocratic decision and abide by it. If you can’t abide by it, then you always have right to leaveand join a different organization or not be part of any organization.

That’s Leo Casey, Randi Weingarten’s long-time propaganda guy, telling AFT member Megan Moskop why she has no right to complain about the “democratic decision” reached by the autocratic leadership of the American Federation of Teachers, with its “executive board” controlled by AFT President Randi Weingarten voting “democratically” for the endorsement of Hillary Clinton after the union used Hillary Clinton’s pollsters to poll a little over a thousand AFT members and use this as justification for the endorsement 16 months out from the election.