Professional Educators of Tennessee Battle Official Time

The premier nonunion professional educators group in Tennessee is working to ensure teacher union officials earn their pay.  The group has submitted two bills which will bring perhaps the most important largesse teacher union officials enjoy from taxpayers.  Chris Butler has the story in

“If a teacher is elected president of TEA, then state law makes it absolutely mandatory that the director of schools has to go along with it — even if this person is the only physics teacher in the entire school system,” said Tim Brinegar, director of government relations for the Professional Educators of Tennessee, which is not a union.

“This is paying people to do union business on government time.”

As the law now stands, an unqualified substitute teacher might come in to replace that physics teacher, for example.

The current state president of TEA, Gera Summerford, doesn’t deny that an unqualified teacher could take over the classroom from a qualified one — nor does she see a problem.