UniServ Hack Attacks Nonunion Activist

John C. (JC) Bowman serves as the Executive Director for the Professional Educators of Tennessee (PET), the premier independent nonunion professional educators group in the Volunteer State.  CEAFU and JC have the Tennessee Education Association (TEA) taking desperate measures in an effort to keep teachers as members.   Not satisfied with retaining their place as the largest union representing teachers in the Volunteer State, the TEA, like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, is making vicious ad hominem attacks on those who only want freedom for teachers and the best for students, more specifically, JC Bowman, who has long been an outspoken critic of forced unionism and the TEA’s radical agenda.

The TEA called upon Chattanooga NEA UniServ Director Chris Brooks to play the starring role as righteous Red Riding Hood.  Brooks’ website, chactivist.com features a meandering, inaccurate diatribe on CEAFU, the National Right To Work Committee, and CEAFU Conference guest speaker JC Bowman.   Brooks never mentions any connection between himself and the NEA or TEA on his blog site, despite being prominently displayed on the Tennessee Education Association website as a “leader” (TEA, an NEA affiliate).

In his article, “Ravenous Wolves Susan Curlee, PET, AFP, NRTWC and the Privatization Agenda,” Brooks makes his first mistake, confidently characterizing CEAFU as a Project of the National Right to Work Committee.  “Ravenous Wolves” rambles about a presentation from CEAFU’s 2014 conference where John C Bowman, Executive Director of Tennessee’s premiere educator group, Professional Educators of Tennessee (PET), made a presentation on the unique bargaining situation in Tennessee.

Tomorrow, a proud Defense of JC Bowman.