Scranton Strike Effects

Chris Kelly comments on the behavior of teacher union officials in the Scranton strike in the Times Tribune.

No matter who wins, there will be red ink.

The school district policy defines bullying in many forms, in real-time and cyberspace. Student violators face swift punishment. On the other hand, teachers and administrators can violate the bullying policy without fear of penalty. The Hot Spells Angels are led by teachers union President Rosemary Boland, who is paid $80,000 a year not to teach. Her 9-to-5 (give or take) is devoted to union business. The union reimburses the district for her salary.

Mrs. Boland has countenanced innumerable personal attacks on new Superintendent Alexis Kirijan, Ed.D., including a series of picket signs. One had Dr. Kirijan’s head attached to the body of Miley Cyrus. The new superintendent.