Will Hillary Fill the Bill?

Both the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and National Education Association (NEA) teacher union officials have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.  Their relationship with the Obama  Administration has cooled since Arne Duncan have instituted some education reforms not endorsed by teacher union officials.  Several state affiliates have already endorsed other candidates.  However, the real question whether teacher union members and nonmembers are satisfied with the choice, since it is their dues which will be going to finance her campaign, not those of teacher union officials.  Lauren Camera has the story in U.S. News online.

To say the relationship between the Obama administration and the national teachers unions is strained would be an understatement.

Democrats and unions have historically enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with Democrats backing pro-union policies, such as protecting bargaining rights, and unions using their coffers and numbers to back Democratic candidates who support their causes.